Revolutionary New Land for Housing Projects Plan

By | October 8, 2015

DHS Reveals New Plans to Acquire More Land for Housing Projects

The Department of Human Settlements (DHS) said it was developing a land identification and acquisition framework to acquire more land for housing projects. The lack of a framework was regarded as the main contributing factor in creating unintended consequences and imposing high costs on households and the economy. The Minister of Human Settlements had instructed the Department to develop a practice note for this framework, which has several objectives:

1. To ensure that provinces and municipalities coordinated the activities of land and eliminate the acquisition that remained fragmented across provinces and municipalities.

2. To facilitate the process of the identification and acquisition of well located land and eliminate the acquisition of land at exorbitant prices that was done outside the mandate of the Housing Development Agency (HDA).

3. To improve coordination with various sector departments that are expected to contribute to a coherent land acquisition programme that seeks to enhance the delivery of of sustainable human settlements, including the land reform programme of South Africa.

4. To eliminate the practice of disposing suitable and well-located municipal land with the expectation that the Department and the Housing Development Agency would later acquire such land for human settlements development.


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